Summit Security Group

Advanced SQL Server Man-in-the-Middle Attacks


During an application security assessment performed for a client, we encountered an application that was relying heavily on the encryption features of the Tabular Data Stream (TDS) protocol implemented in Microsoft SQL Server to protect communications over untrusted networks. Out of curiosity, we investigated how different configuration settings on both the server and client change the security properties of this protocol. We quickly realized that their communications were insecure. To demonstrate the risk to our client, we developed a man-in-the-middle (MitM) tool which exploited two separate insecure configurations. In sharing with the community, we hope this article will raise awareness about how easy it is to make similar mistakes when implementing TDS encryption.READ MORE

IPS/IDS Whitelisting

What is IP whitelisting? Why do you want us to whitelist you against our WAF/IPS?

When we perform penetration tests and vulnerability assessments, we often ask clients to whitelist our source IP addresses. This allows us to be unfettered in our interactions and assessments of a client’s server.  We request this to accomplish the following:READ MORE