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Our Services

We cover the entire cybersecurity spectrum

The term cybersecurity may be just one word, but it covers a lot of ground. A complex and diverse collection of disciplines make up the larger defense. 

From application and network penetration testing to vCISO services and everything in between, our comprehensive services span cybersecurity’s expanse. We bring experts, processes, and technology to bear in solutions that deliver results. Whatever aspect of cybersecurity you need help with along your journey, you can count on Summit to address it. 

Expertly. Confidently. And with outcomes that make cybersecurity your strongest business advantage.

Stronger cybersecurity starts here

Regardless of industry and size, all modern organizations must protect themselves against evolving risk. But often cybersecurity is driven by a specific need – compliance, customer demand, cyber insurance coverage, business growth. Even fear plays a role, with doom and gloom news headlines of the latest ransomware attack. 

Summit doesn’t play on fear or panicked responses. Instead, we end uncertainty and make security strategic so that you’re prepared.

Cybersecurity Advisory

Though it often starts with audit preparation, Summit advisory work extends beyond audit readiness and support to focus on a strategic approach to reduce your organization’s risk. This includes everything from foundational cybersecurity programs to governance, risk, and compliance efforts to assessing aspects of your security – both technical and physical.


InfoSec Program Development and Implementation

Rules before tools – build a solid foundation that protects and enables your business today and tomorrow.


Assure your compliance readiness for SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, CMMC, and more.

Cybersecurity Compliance

Clear compliance hurdles and reach a compliant state quickly.

Organizational Security Control AssessmentS

Gain clear visibility into the current state of your security maturity.

Cyber Risk AssessmentS

Identify and prioritize how to address the risk in your environment.

Physical Security AssessmentS

Determine if your measures are effectively controlling unauthorized access.

Cybersecurity Engineering

Summit cybersecurity engineering services are more than an off-the-shelf solution or automated service. Our professionals are industry experts who start with 360° understanding of your business and your objectives. They apply their specialized security expertise and knowledge to give you technical assurance, setting you on a course to stronger security.


Application Penetration Testing

Discovery and analysis of security vulnerabilities in your applications inform the fixes – right down to the code.

NETWORK Penetration Testing

A holistic view of your network security and its vulnerabilities guides your steps to a stronger infrastructure.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in your wireless network and the effectiveness of your security controls.

Vulnerability Assessments

A snapshot of the vulnerabilities that exist in your environment drives the priorities and guidance for fixes.

Security Architecture ASSESSMENTS

Take a proactive approach to shoring up the security of your network or application architecture.

Cloud Configuration ReviewS

Evaluate the risks associated with your cloud configurations including access controls.

Social Engineering Resilience

Social engineering is a major vector for malicious attacks. Our social engineering resilience services identify gaps in your users’ ability to recognize and thwart tactics meant to manipulate and trick them into disclosing credentials or performing fraudulent transactions. Our training helps build a culture of confident resilience and accountability.


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Engagements

Shore up security by identifying what organizational data is visible publicly, an eye-opening engagement.

Spear Phishing Assessments and Training

Insights help you harden your business against manipulative targeted phishing attacks.

Onsite Social Engineering ENGAGEMENTS

Discover ways to minimize unauthorized physical access to your sensitive data and equipment.

vCISO Services

Cybersecurity leadership roles such as CISO can be challenging – and costly – to fill. Summit provides an easy solution with our virtual CISO services that provide a dedicated cybersecurity expert to guide your information security efforts. You also get access to our entire team of specialists to address all your cybersecurity needs.

Dedicated Virtual Security Expertise

Regardless of your industry or whether your company is large or small, you can put the backing of our seasoned cybersecurity experts to work for you.