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vCISO Services

Need a cybersecurity dream team?

Your business relies on your cybersecurity efforts to facilitate its growth and competitive edge in an ever-shifting landscape. A solid foundation and expertise are essential to ensure this support. But sometimes you can use some help. 

Wherever you are on your security journey, our fractional vCISO services can assist you. Need the strategic direction of a seasoned security leader? Specialized tactical support? Or have a new initiative that needs resources and oversight? Our vCISO services give you access to our full “dream team” of cyber experts who deliver what you need – when you need it.

Catalyze your business growth – with Summit.

3 ways we can work together

Your business is unique. Your cybersecurity is too. Which is why our vCISO services are far from a one-size-fits-all solution. 

We know how important cybersecurity is to your business growth. Our fractional engagement model works with your existing resources – or steps in as your full cyber team – to ensure your cybersecurity functions as a business multiplier.

Fractional security TeaM

Get an immediate impact when our Summit experts become your team. With tactical expertise led by a dedicated seasoned senior strategist, we’ll jumpstart your journey to effective cybersecurity that’s aligned with your business goals.

Fill-in-the-Gap Support

Cybersecurity is comprised of multiple specializations. Each requires skills many companies don’t have in-house. Our broad skillsets across the cybersecurity continuum seamlessly and immediately augment your existing resources, adding value and expertise.

Project Support

Special projects can redirect your critical resources away from their regular responsibilities – leaving day-to-day tasks lacking. Summit drives these initiatives forward and over the finish line, applying the appropriate specialized skills and expertise required.

Securing the win

We’ve already done the legwork of assembling a cybersecurity dream team – and we’re willing to share. 

Summit vCISO services solve the problems of a global talent shortage, limited budgets, and a constantly changing business landscape. Gain the flexibility and confidence you need to address everything from basic needs to your most difficult cybersecurity challenges. With access to our deep bench of cybersecurity professionals at your fingertips, you’ll have what it takes to ensure your cybersecurity is a driver for your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

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