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Social Engineering Resilience

Spear Phishing Assessments and Training

Addressing the human element of your cybersecurity defense

Your users are the weakest link in your cybersecurity chain. As humans, they are naturally prone to error and manipulation – traits social engineering scammers prey on with tactics like spear phishing. 

This advanced, targeted form of phishing uses personal and company information to make email communications more credible and relevant to specific individuals. Scammers often gather this information from social media and other publicly available sources. 

Anti-spam and other email security tools may filter some attempts, but technology doesn’t stop spear phishing attacks – people do. How effective are your users at defending your organization? 

Summit helps you find out – without the risk.

A plan of attack

There’s no better way to determine users’ proficiency in recognizing social engineering tactics than to put them to the test. It’s why our spear phishing assessments begin with a simulated attack. 

Our team designs non-malicious custom emails that model the sophisticated tactics of real spear phishing. When these emails are launched in your environment, our experts can safely monitor your security technologies’ ability to detect them and track how your users respond, including click rates and credential submissions. 

Our analysis of these results sets important benchmarks – and drives our recommendations on how you can improve the performance of your human cybersecurity defenses.

Practice makes perfect

Based on your users’ outcomes in our simulated testing, Summit cybersecurity experts outline a tailored training strategy and materials that map to your areas of security weakness, build your users’ security knowledge, and increase their recognition of spear phishing tactics. 

But it’s not a one-time effort. Our recommendations suggest an ongoing cycle of regular training, simulated testing, and measurement against your benchmarks for existing and new users. This continuously improves and reinforces safe behavior and instills user accountability, making your organization’s security everyone’s business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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