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Security Architecture Assessments

Mind the gaps

The technologies and controls that make up your cybersecurity program are as critical as the business they support. That’s why you’ve made the investments you’ve made. But changes to your environment – such as moving from on-premises to a cloud infrastructure or launching a new technology – are prime opportunities to reevaluate your security architecture.  

Summit Security Architecture Assessments verify whether your security investments continue to meet the security and compliance requirements your business demands – and where they’re falling short.

Be sure your security measures up – with Summit. 

Put it to the test

Regular assessments of your architecture are critical to understanding how well your security is protecting your business, and where to focus improvements. Summit can help. 

Our cybersecurity experts evaluate your architecture’s security controls on how effectively they currently meet and scale to the security and compliance requirements relevant to your organization. 

Because cyber risk is business risk, strategic alignment is also important. We perform a gap analysis as the basis for actionable guidance on how to remediate any insufficiencies and strengthen the overall effectiveness of your security architecture and practices.

A roadmap to improvement

Your cybersecurity and business are intricately connected. Changes to one directly affect the other. External influences such as regulatory requirement updates and the emergence of new threats can impact both. 

Summit architecture assessments validate how effectively your existing security investments stack up against a backdrop of constant change. And we mark the path toward a stronger security posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

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