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Network Penetration Testing

Think like a Black Hat

Network penetration testing, also known as “ethical hacking,” is a type of security testing that simulates a cyber attack on your network. The aim is to identify and attempt to exploit security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your network infrastructure that could be used by malicious actors to gain access to your systems.

Summit Network Penetration Testing services provide you with an accurate representation of the risks associated with the vulnerabilities we find in your network infrastructure. Our recommendations guide you in addressing critical issues before they can be exploited. 

Whether it’s a requirement for your compliance or a strategy to reduce your risk, get penetration testing right – with Summit. 

Testing the strength of your systems

Summit utilizes a variety of methods to perform our network penetration tests. Vulnerability scans and other automated technical testing tools help us pinpoint known issues quickly. Our manual testing applies tools and techniques to uncover harder-to-find issues in your environment. 

Our simulated attacks mirror the tactics cybercriminals would use to break into your system utilizing these exposures. This approach enables us to determine whether the identified weaknesses could be exploited by an attacker.

Our people are your advantage

Much more than a few tools and techniques, the core advantage of our testing is our people. Summit cybersecurity experts provide critical oversight of automated testing, context and logical thinking during manual testing, and refined analysis of our testing outcomes to deliver truly differentiated results. 

From our thoroughness and dedication to network penetration testing accuracy to actionable outcomes, you can count on Summit to inform your cybersecurity and risk management strategies, guide the remediation of found issues, and continuously improve your security posture.

Types of network penetration testing Summit performs:

  • External attack surface penetration testing
  • Internal network penetration testing
  • Internet of Things (IoT) assessment – also known as firmware of embedded device testing

Frequently Asked Questions

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