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Information Security Awareness

From access control to zeroization and everything in between, we’ve got security best practices covered. Summit clients appreciate our active, energetic, and engaging approach to training staff on information security best practices. We are passionate about our profession and that enthusiasm is conveyed to our students when we train them on security concepts. When you grow tired of the same sleepy, monotonous web-based security training, give us a call and we’ll train your organization in the latest security concepts in a fun and engaging class that gives every student the opportunity to interact with a seasoned security professional.

Secure Code Development

Proper security begins at the source and for many organizations, that means the source code. Performing hundreds of application assessments has given our team tremendous insight into common coding pitfalls common in many applications and platforms. While we are happy to continue to find vulnerabilities embedded in applications, we would all be better off if they were prevented before the code was ever compiled. To support the goal of a world with more secure code, Summit has developed courses specifically designed to train application developers on secure coding best practices. Our courses are all led by qualified, experienced practitioners and cover topics such as:

Customized Security Training

The Summit team has decades of experience as practitioners, leaders, trainers, and instructors in the field of information security. Our clients frequently ask us to develop custom training material tailored to their specific needs. If you have a unique training need, we can help.

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